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For customers who are too busy to bring their bike to us or have more bikes that need service we now offer pick-up and delivery service using our company van. We charge £15 for pick-up with free delivery regardless the number of bikes so if your neighbours need their bikes serviced too you can split the cost. We can arrive anywhere in Oxford (within the ring-road), assess the bike(s), consult the options, estimate costs and time needed for repair. We will then take your bike(s) to our fully equipped workshop and do the work there as we want to provide the same high quality service that is not quite possible without extensive set of tools and without access to our spare parts stock.

When we finish the repair we will notify you (for collection in person) or call you to confirm the delivery. Payment can be either made in-store before delivery, over the phone or we can bring card terminal to your place. In all cases you will get itemised bill for each bike and you can chose between collection in person, delivery back to pick-up point or even delivery to different place if that suits your needs better.

Please go to Pickup booking page to see available optons and book the service online.
For other dates/times please call 01865 424444 (9am-5pm Mon-Sat, 10am-3pm Sun) or email us on

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