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If the Shop floor is the face of our store the heart is most definitely the workshop. We repair and build hundreds of bikes every year including the Thames Valley Police fleet of bikes. However, every bike is special to us. Whether it is just a puncture repair or a full restoration you need we will take 100% pride and care fixing it for you.

We don’t rush any repairs but aim and frequently manage to sort them out for the same or next day collection,  often within an hour or even on the spot for tubes and more basic repairs.

We offer a free bicycle check for all customers. Every bike is  checked (normally  within 2-4 minutes) to diagnose and quote for repair and no work is carried out without your consent so you will  never be unpleasantly surprised :-)

Labour Costs

Routine servicing and adjustments will keep your bike running smoothly and will invariably save you money in the long run. Below are some examples of our service costs and what they involve.

To view a comprehensive list of Labour charges click here

Tyres need inflating?

Correctly inflated tyres will make you cycle faster, easier and more manoeuvrable. It will also leave you a lot less prone to punctures and prevent unnecessary tyre damage.

This is why we offer the use of a track pump in the shop. We kindly ask for a donation towards the pump maintenace/replacement.

Got A Puncture?

Stuck with a flat tyre and don’t know how to fix it. Leave it to us we thoroughly check all tyres and rim for wear and any foreign objects then simply replace the inner tube with a new one. We aim to do this within the hour whenever possible and we always endeavour to do wheelchairs and buggies on the spot.

Prices start from: £13.00 (including the tube)

Got A Buckled Wheel?

Are your wheels not running straight? Pop it in and 9 times out of 10 we can straighten them for you. This will mean your brakes will run smoothly and can save you money and sweat.

Prices start from: £10.00 (per wheel)

Gears Need Adjusting?

Correctly aligned gears are essential for keeping them shifting quickly and smoothly. It also vastly decreases unnecessary wear on the chain, cassette and chain rings and lets you concentrate on the thing that matters….riding.

Prices start from: £8.00 (per derailleur)

Full Bike Services

As well as individual repairs we offer a choice of more comprehensive service packages which offer better value for money allowing you to choose the service which is best suited to you.

Free Service

A Free Service is offered to all customers who purchase any bike or tag-along from us, to ensure everything works fine and fullfilling manufacturers' warranty requirements

Bronze Service £39

A Bronze Service is suitable for clean bikes whose systems are not heavily worn, but are out of adjustment and do not require many or any new parts fitted.  

Silver Service £69

A Silver Service is very comprehensive and therefore suitable for regularly used bikes with many worn parts which need replacing.

Gold Service £119

A Gold Service is a fully comprehensive service aimed at ensuring optimum performance on top end bikes; or restoring heavily used bikes whose systems are worn out and need lots of parts replacing.

Click here to view the full list of services and what we do.

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