Frequently Asked Questions - Bicycle hire

FAQs - Bicycle hire

Any insurance covering theft, accident, third party liability, etc. is sole responsibility of the customer and we do not offer any insurance scheme at the moment.

Yes, we have a few sets of Shimano SPD (both types, MTB and Road) pedals available at no extra cost so you just need to bring your shoes. It is still recommended to e-mail or call us on +441865424444 to make sure we have the right type reserved for you.

First you need to contact us to obtain bicycle details (make, model, size, colour, frame number and other specific features), then you should report the crime to Police instructing them they should contact Cycloanalysts if the bike gets recovered. They will issue Crime Reference Number which we will keep on records. As the signatory of Hire contract is liable for lost or stolen equpment up to the full retal price, we need to collect such payment before releasing credit card details. In case the bike gets returned to us, we will issue refund less any costs required for returning the bike back to pre-hire condition.

You can use online crime reporting tool at or call 101 (non-emergency phone number).

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