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We try to estimate repair costs as close as we can, nevertheless the final price may be different.If we found the total is likely to be increased by more than 10% (eg. original quote was £25 and total will be more than £27.50) we will get in touch, explain reasons for such increase and ask for your permission before going ahead with repair. It works better in some cases if, when booking the bike in, you inform us about maximum you are prepared to spend and we will make sure we don't go over this maximum.

We will have the repair done by the agreed time in most cases so you need to just come and collect. If we have the opportunity to finish it earlier, and are not busy serving other customers, we will text or call phone number provided.

Sometimes we can repair your bike on the spot, especially if it is something simple and we don't have backlog of repairs. In most cases though, you will need to leave your bike with us for a few hours, nevertheless we strive to get most of the repairs done as soon as possible due to restricted storage space, so you can expect your bike will be ready on the same or following day. The repair may take longer if we need to order parts, or if we need to wait until member of staff who can perform such repair is available.

We are happy to fit any parts you purchased on-line, inherited, etc. without surcharging on labour, provided the parts are complete (meaning there are no missing bolts, washers, springs, etc. and the parts are in working condition so they can be fitted and adjusted without modification).
In case the parts you bought online are incompatible or faulty due to manufacturing errors, we can use parts from our stock which you will have to pay for. We are not able to swap the parts bought online for correct/faultless parts from our stock, it will be your responsibility to contact the supplier for refund or replacement.

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