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Trade-in bikes

Trade-in bikes

We generally do not buy bikes from the public for 3 reasons.

  1. We do not know the history of the particular bike and we do not want to help bicycle theft that is already at very high level in Oxford.
  2. To re-sell the bike if we bought it is the only way how we can make profit from it. Re-selling requires the bike is safe and reliable, which in turn requires that we service the bike replacing worn or damaged parts. Most bikes we are offered as trade-ins are in condition when market value (price we can sell it for) does not leave any profit after considering workshop time and cost of parts to bring it back to saleable condition.
  3. If, after all, we do buy the bike, service and sell it, we have to dish out 20% VAT.

All the above means that only the bikes donated to us can possibly make it to good value second hand bikes. Please consider leaving your old bike with us when buying the new one. We can reward you with transfering accessories between old and new bike free of charge but we can not give you any discount on new bike for giving us the old one. After all, you probably bought new bike because the old one was not economically fixable, did not you?

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