Terms and Conditions of Cycle Hire


  1. The Hirer will be fully responsible for any loss or damage to any of Cycloanalysts property, cycles, and/or associated equipment that are hired or used.

  2. All hire bikes include use of lights and a strong lock within the hire costs. Choosing not use any of these safety items is entirely at your own risk.

  3. A “day rate” for hire is normally anytime between the hours of 10am and 10:30am the next day.

  4. The Hirer will be liable for the retail price of the bicycle and accessories up to the following limits if the bicycle is stolen (less hire charges paid for that particular bike and acceptable depreciation:
    City bike (BHx) £250 , Deluxe bike (Hxx) £500 , Road bike (Rx) £500

  5. A credit card details will be kept on file until the bike(s) and/or equipment is returned (cash deposit covering full retail price of hired equipment is also accepted).

  6. The Hirer will be responsible for puncture repairs (puncture resistant tyres fitted as standard).

  7. The Hirer will be expected to keep the bicycle clean, in case of long term hire it is highly recommended to bring the bike every 2-3 weeks for maintenance which will be carried out with the highest priority. In the event of the bicycle not operating correctly the Hirer is expected to return the bicycle to Cycloanalysts for remedial work to be carried out as top priority job.

  8. In the case of cycles and/or equipment left or returned damaged or dirty, the signatory of the contract is responsible for any costs incurred and sustained in replacing or repairing (whichever is cheaper) the items concerned to a condition equivalent to that prior to the hire.

  9. If a late return is anticipated or hire is to be extended the Hirer is to advise Cycloanalysts by telephone or email as soon as possible. The Hirer will be charged a single day rate for each consecutive day beyond the agreed return date and time.

  10. Generally, no refund will be made for unused part of hire in case of early return of hired equipment. In most cases we will consider partial refund if we are informed more than 3 days prior to returning hired equipment.

  11. Booking(s) made trough our website will be cancelled if the bike(s) or equipment stay uncollected for more than 24 hours after agreed pick-up date unless you contact us with changed details.




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