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Care packages (with new bike only)

If you want your bike to last and you want to get the most out of it fun-wise, you need to look after it. In most cases that means taking the machine to specialized company - a bikeshop.

Bicycles have been developed during last 200 years into intricate machines that have better ratio between own weight and carried load than other vehicles. They are user, nature and wallet friendly but only if they are well maintained. For someone maybe surprisingly, all bikes need maintenance, lubrication and adjustment, the only difference between cheap and more expensive bikes (or more precise, parts fitted) is that cheap bikes need maintenance more often as they are built using softer materials and less precise manufacturing techniques. On the other hand more expensive bikes keep adjustment for longer time due to using better materials and finishing. All bikes, unfortunately, will fall into despair if they are not lubricated/adjusted periodically.

To help you keeping your new bike in perfect order, which will have impact on service live length, we offer Care Packages with new bikes. When buying new bike, simply ask for Care Package to be added at discounted price.

At the moment we offer 2 programs:

Basic which entitles you to Basic service worth £19 three times in the first year, scheduled 5, 8 and 11 months after purchase. Total price is £57, we offer this package for £41.99 with new bike saving you £15. This programme is good for bikes used mainly within city or bikes used mainly on-road.

Bronze which includes Quick Oil Service worth £7 twice in first year (4 and 9 months after purchase) , plus Bronze service worth £39 twice a year (6 and 11 months after purchase). The total for this one is £92, you can have it for £59.99 vith new bike saving £32. This programme is targeted at longer distance commuter bikes or bikes used offroad.

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